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Tusky Pacifier Size M (Green)

Tusky Pacifier Size M (Green)

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Watching your baby in discomfort and not being able to calm them down is something which makes parents sad. To help you out, Beby presents its Tusky pacifier. This 100 % BPA-free pacifier made with PP and food-grade Silicone is completely safe and hygienic for your baby. Beby Tusky pacified for baby is also designed to support natural oral development of your baby through its super soft silicone nipple which is gentle on your baby’s gums. The tight-fitting cover also ensures that the safety and hygiene of the pacifier are always maintained. It also is super convenient to carry wherever you go. With its fun design, the baby also loves to play with it. So get this Beby Tusky Pacifier today for your baby!

Key Features

Safety 1st: Beby Tusky pacifier is made with 100% hygienic food-grade Silicone making it completely safe for baby’s use

Special Orthodontic design: It is designed in a manner to help develop your baby’s teeth in a pretty comfortable manner

Soft Silicone Nipple: To make a natural and easy oral development of your baby’s gums, the nipple is made of soft silicone material which easily fits your baby’s mouth and is comfortable for sucking.

Cover to maintain Hygiene: The pacifier comes with a tight-fitting cover to maintain the hygiene of the nipple, making them easy to pop in your bag when you’re ready to go out.

Soft edges: The edges of this pacifier are so soft and gentle on your baby’s gums to ensure it soothes them down

BPA Free:  Beby Tusky pacifier is made with polypropylene making it 100% BPA free

Cute Design: It is also designed to resemble an elephant so your baby likes to play with it and enjoy his time.

Kindly Note: As per the hygiene clause, this Product is Non-Returnable.

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