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Tiny Tots Potty Seat (Orange Red)

Tiny Tots Potty Seat (Orange Red)

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We understand that baby’s health is of utmost importance to any parent. And good sanitary habits start with early training. Beby launches Tiny Tots, the potty training seat. The attractive design and comfortable seat of Tiny Tots will help your toddler learn good sanitary habits in a fun-loving way. The seat is light in weight, easy to wash, and provides a comfortable seat for your baby. Tiny Tots can also be clamped to adult toilet seats to make potty training much easier.

Key Features:

Comfortable seat: Comfort plays a most important role during first-time learning of Sanitary habits. The seat is designed to keep the baby’s comfort in mind.

Age: 05 Months to 4 Years.

Weight: 0  to 20 Kg.

Comfortable High Back Structure: The higher back structure allows good support during the baby’s potty training and also prevents the baby from falling back.

Attach it in your bathroom: Tiny Tots potty trainer seat can be clamped with adult toilet seats to provide better and easy training to your baby.

Easy for washing: Easy curves and finishes on the designs make it easy to clean the seat after usage.

Lid to cover: Tiny Tots comes with a lid cover to prevent a foul smell after usage.

Lightweight & Portable: Tiny tots is very light in weight, easy to carry when traveling and can be stored conveniently after usage.

Note: Due to hygiene purposes this product is non-returnable. 

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