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Tiny Feets Kids Potty Step Stool (Blue White)

Tiny Feets Kids Potty Step Stool (Blue White)

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Beby Tiny Feets Stool helps your baby to naturally raise their feet during potty training or while trying to reach things. Designed to give a good posture to your child, this step stool can be used in various different ways as a climb stool, daily stool, for potty training, etc. It is also quite easy to carry, making it convenient for you to take it anywhere you go. Its detachable design helps you to use the stool as per the required height. Get an Beby Tiny Feets Stool today and give your kid a boost for the new height.


Safety first: Made with highly durable PP plastic material, Tiny Feets stool is extremely safe and comfortable for your kid’s usage.

Anti-skid rubber base and top: This stool also has anti-skid rubber base and top to ensure that your kid doesn’t fall while using it.

Multipurpose usage: You can use it in multiple ways like climb stool, daily stool, potty training, hand washing etc.

Easy to carry: Beby Tiny Feets Stool is extremely light and easy to carry. You can also store it anywhere easily if and when required.

2-in-1 Detachable design: To adjust the height of the stool, it comes in a detachable design so you can use it accordingly as needed.

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