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Pixie Buggy Stroller

Pixie Buggy Stroller

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Now taking your baby outdoors will be even easier & hassle free. Beby brings to you Pixie The Cute Little Buggy to make strolling time fun & comfortable for your little one. Pixie The Cute Little Baby buggy comes with innovative umbrella fold design which is a big time relief for parents to carry it anywhere outdoors. Comfortable seat and cute design makes pixie the perfect choice for parents to take their little ones for a joyful stroll. This baby stroller/buggy is made to take care of your child with 2 point safety harness and dodge the strong sunlight with full canopy.

Key Features:

For Kids: 6 months to 3 Years

Light Weight: As the name suggests, Pixie is a light weight buggy which can be carried easily when the child is not in it.

Compact Umbrella Fold: Pixie baby buggy’s unique umbrella fold design makes it easy to carry and store it anywhere in any corner of your home.

2 Point Safety Harness:  Keep the child safe during the stroll with 2 point safety harness.    

Full Canopy:  Protect child from getting exposed to harsh sunlight with full canopy at the top.

Rear Wheel Brakes: This baby buggy for kids comes with rear wheel brakes to keep it in control during the stroll.

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