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Feather Diapers - Next Gen Baby Diapers that Breathes

Feather Diapers - Next Gen Baby Diapers that Breathes

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Beby introduces India’s most breathable yoga pant style diapers named as Feather Diapers which are as thin, soft and lightweight as feather.

Are you worried about all the rashes, heaviness, and leakage your baby has to face? Worry no more! Beby Feather Diapers are the best disposable baby diapers that solve all your baby’s diaper problems. They are specially made with pure water-based ink, and these thinnest diapers are entirely safe for your baby and highly suitable for sensitive skin types.

Dermatologically and Pediatrician tested, these softest disposable diapers are completely chemical-free (0% Parabens/Latex/Fragrance/ Phthalates*/Chlorine*) and come with an extensive range of properties to make your baby’s diaper journey happier.

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