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Ding Dong Potty Seat (Yellow)

Ding Dong Potty Seat (Yellow)

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We understand that baby’s health is of utmost importance to any parent. And good sanitary habits start with early training. Beby launches Ding Dong – The Convertible 4 in 1 Potty Training seat for your Little one.  The seat is light in weight, easy to wash and provides comfortable seat for your baby. Ding Dong comes with multifunction use.

Key Features:

Comfortable seat: The Comfort plays most important role during first time learning of Sanitary habits. The seat is designed keeping baby’s comfort in mind.

Attach it in your bathroom: Ding Dong potty trainer seat can be clamped with adult toilet seats to provide better and easy training to your baby.

High and Low Step Stool: Ding Dong Potty Seat can be converted into High and Low Step Stool which can be used in Bathroom by your Little One for easy access to Basin for Brushing Teeth.

Easy for washing: Easy curves and finishes on the designs makes it easy to clean the seat after usage.

Lid to cover: Ding Dong  comes with a lid cover to prevent foul smell after usage.

Light weight & Portable: Ding Dong  is very light in weight, easy to carry when travelling and can be stored conveniently after usage.

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