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Cucu Potty Seat (green)

Cucu Potty Seat (green)

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Potty training is a big task for parents as kids don’t get comfortable and that’s why Beby brings to you CUCU Potty Seat the cute and comfortable potty-training seat for your baby. CUCU Potty Seat is not only lightweight but it’s cute design, subtle color and comfortable seating makes it favorite of babies. So, make the training time fun with CUCU Potty Seat.

Key Features

  • Safety  - Made with smooth finish to make the potty training time safe. 
  • Cute Design – Its Cute design makes the potty time enjoyable
  • Comfort -  The seating of CUCU Potty Seat is comfortable and the design is with no sharp edges which makes it more elegant and comfy for your kid.
  • Easy Cleaning - It contains removable potty bowl for easy cleaning
  • Quality –  Made with high quality plastic which makes it durable.
  • Compact Design – Light in weight and easy to carry for handling it with ease.  
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